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Environmentally friendly construction

Healthy construction - environmental management during construction phase. The company has experience in environmental work during the construction phase. I have worked with quality and environment in construction for several years. This applies to both new construction and remodeling.

When training in healthy materials, I usually discuss the question, what is healthy. A healthy building consists not only in a query, but without being aware of the material properties and influence, it can not, despite a technical solution, get a healthy house. If you choose a technical solution that requires a material that in itself is not healthy, you do not get a healthy house. Of course you have to compromise, but where do we stand today and what do we want. By systematically selecting materials and documenting the material that was yoused we can save money in the long term and save the environment.

The guiding principle is the precautionary principle

The precautionary principle should be applied so that, within a single material or product, select it with the lowest emissions / discharges. Comparing linoleum against linoleum and paper wallpaper with paper wallpaper and not between groups. tip.SINimilarity , ChemSec have released a new database, SINimilarity a tool or help to easily identify substances that are structurally similar to SIN List substances.

Environmental classification of buildings

There are several different classification as LEED, BREEAM and GreenBuilding. The Swedish market for custom and developed using the 'GreenBuilding' is the result of several years of collaboration between Swedish companies, municipalities and government through the so-called Building-Living Dialogue. The international systems LEED or BREEAM may be good for international companies operating in Sweden and al different classifications have thair own speciality. I have worked with several of those systems.

Operation and maintenance

Once we have finished building a house, it should be operated. Documentation of what we have been using, how to manage and accurate documentation of the house is very important. During a house lifetime it happens a lot. Through great tools we can ensure that we can track materials and chemicals used in the building process in the futher.